Een studie van sociocultureel antropologe Elisa J. Sobo, professor aan San Diego State University, toont het verband tussen anti-vaccinatie en steinerbeweging aan.

Social Cultivation of Vaccine Refusal and Delay among Waldorf (Steiner) School Parents

Elisa J. Sobo, Medical Anthropology Quarterly – International Journal for the Analysis of Health, first published

U.S. media reports suggest that vastly disproportionate numbers of un- and under-vaccinated children attend Waldorf (private alternative) schools. After confirming this statistically, I analyzed qualitative and quantitative vaccination-related data provided by parents from a well-established U.S. Waldorf school. In Europe, Waldorf-related non-vaccination is associated with anthroposophy (a worldview foundational to Waldorf education)—but that was not the case here. Nor was simple ignorance to blame: Parents were highly educated and dedicated to self-education regarding child health. They saw vaccination as variously unnecessary, toxic, developmentally inappropriate, and profit driven. Some vaccine caution likely predated matriculation, but notable post-enrollment refusal increases provided evidence of the socially cultivated nature of vaccine refusal in the Waldorf school setting. Vaccine caution was nourished and intensified by an institutionalized emphasis on alternative information and by school community norms lauding vaccine refusal and masking uptake. Implications for intervention are explored.

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Author: Ramon De Jonghe

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